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I started my chess teaching career at a chess school in Kiev in '75.  In two years I became the dean of the school and designed and implemented the curriculum.  In '79   I became the principal of the school.

As a natural extension of my work at the school, I chose to coach more advanced players, and started working at the Kiev Army Sports Club.  There I got the chance to work with the best talent ages 19-24.  All of the players I was working with were already Masters and Grandmasters.

In '88 I began coaching the Ukraine under 21 team with GM Igor Novikov, working year around as well as traveling to  special meets and tournaments.

It took me several years to reestablish myself professionally after coming to the US.   In '93 I began actively working with private and public elementary schools in the Boston area, establishing chess as an extra-curricular activity.  Aside from teaching children at schools I also brought chess to summer camps.  I also specialize in chess lessons on an individual basis. 

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Here are some of the players I have coached:


B. Alterman
M. Brodsky
I. Novikov
V. Neverov
V. Kruppa
L. Semenova:


I. Khmelnitsky
L. Shmuter

Other notable players

Christopher Dingle went from 1400 o 2100 in 3 years.
M. Enkin improved his rating from 2100 to above and became a Master.

School Systems in the Boston Area I have taught in:


Check out the photos section for pictures of me and my students.

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